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My name is Kate and like many women, I was having problems conceiving a child. As a consequence I started searching for ideas/solutions to my problem.

A friend told me about Pregnancy Miracle so I did a bit of research online but unfortunately what I found was a whole bunch of websites that were confusing and didn’t really give me the information I was looking for – so I thought that I would put this site together from the information I had gathered & maybe help others who were in the same situation as I was.

Help getting pregnant

Hopefully here you’ll find all the information you need to get started with your infertility issues…and you will soon realize your dream of holding your own child safely in your arms as I have done several times since beginning this wonderful journey. (I have 3 boys all thanks to Lisa Olson and her teachings!).

How the Book Came About

For most of us our desire to have a baby, especially as we get older, becomes more difficult and seeming impossible to achieve. I know I found it tough, especially as the weeks ebookturned into months without the success I was looking for.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Pregnancy Miracle is a book written by Lisa Olson, a woman who suffered the pain of infertility for many years before finally realizing her dream of becoming a mother to two beautiful children whilst in her 40’s.

Lisa is a qualified nutritionist and health adviser, and has written this detailed guide for beating your infertility and hugging that much-longed for first child, with an insight that I haven’t found in other similar self-help books on the market.

What’s inside the Book…

The book shows women how to achieve successful conception without the need for prescribed fertility drugs and costly visits to the doctor. In the book, Lisa details many of the factors needed to achieve successful conception.

It completely debunks all the myths and misconceptions that surround pregnancy and healthy conception. It is based on holistic wellness and traditional Chinese medicine and is broken down into 3 sections, with each being a detailed overview designed to help you become fully aware of how to get pregnant naturally.

What you get when you buy Lisa’s course


Lisa’s Book

This is your “bible”, and you’ll find every facet of pre-conception health and nutrition contained in this manual.

There are so many vital factors that make up the big picture of pre-conception through to pregnancy, ranging from topics such as eastern versus western medicine, how Chinese/holistic medicines can improve your body’s ability to conceive, to the types of foods you should eat (and avoid) when trying to fall pregnant, and much more.

Week-by-Week Diary

This is a guide that details every week of your pregnancy, including details about biological changes that your body experiences whilst you’re carrying your child and even images of your developing baby throughout the course of gestation.

PMS/PPD Guide/Learning about the Phases of the Female Body

This gives a behind the scenes of “the science behind our bodies” and is a fascinating and in-depth look at everything that makes us “tick” and why.

This guide talks about why women experience PMS and PPD (post partum depression), and goes right through to morning sickness, exploring every area of the female form along the way.

Relaxation Guide

For a lot of us, stress can play a huge role in our struggles to conceive. This guide explains all about ways to identify stress in your life, how to cope with stress and anxiety using visualization and self-hypnosis techniques, to how nutrition and exercise play a vital role in getting stress under control.

This really will put your body in the relaxed state of mind it needs in order for successful conception to occur.

Names & Meanings

This guide contains approximately 7,000 unique names in different languages, to help you select the right name for your child.

Private Counseling with Lisa Olson herself, and Lifetime Updates to the System

A private counseling with the author herself – simply email Lisa and she will get back to you within 24 hours. And lifetime updates to your program, instead of having to buy the updated program at a later date.

To get such personalized service really shows that Lisa Olson stands by her program and isn’t just trying to sell the program to the masses with no real heart or feeling behind it.

What makes this book different?

The methods that Lisa Olson teaches you in her book don’t just address the physical aspects of infertility, but the nutritional aspects as well. The book provides an all-natural solution to help cure your infertility issues. It also provides the safest and most natural way for you to fall pregnant, without the need for doctors and prescription drugs, or painful medical procedures.

Something else that certainly makes it more personal for me is that it doesn’t view infertility as dysfunctional or a failure, but rather an imbalance that can easily be reversed through ancient Chinese holistic medicine and strategies.

I can’t tell you the number of doctors I went to who looked at me as some kind of strange misfit because of my pregnancy struggles – I felt they really didn’t care about me or my feelings, and that’s where this eBook is so different, because Lisa Olson does care and wants to help, and you genuinely get that feeling from reading through her program materials.

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My View…


I think the clincher for me personally was that this program comes with a huge guarantee as well – Lisa Olson tested her “system” on a target group of women aged 28-47; and her testing found that within two short months 27 of the 35 women who participated became pregnant! Whilst nothing is 100% foolproof it has, for the most part, helped many women overcome their infertility problems.

What I love about this book is the fact that it is sincere in its teachings…most other so-called “natural and holistic methods” used to treat infertility still use IVF or other costly drugs, in addition to natural methods and approaches. However Lisa’s teachings are based on 100% natural and holistic methods.

It also works to help both men and women when dealing with infertility, whereas in most infertility treatments and methods the man is completely overlooked.

Lisa’s book is a very rare, highly unique and potently powerful infertility healing system that very few women know exists…and it has to be the most economical treatment option for those people having difficulty getting pregnant.

Best place to buy & discounts

You can get the book direct from the official website at This is where I bought it from and it’s certainly the best place to get it as there are a number of bonuses that are included which make it worthwhile…and because you can get the full benefit of the money back guarantee they offer. Buying it from another website means you won’t get all the bonus items on offer, along with the counseling and lifetime updates to the program that the author guarantees to provide.

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