For many women, getting pregnant after 40 may seem like it can be all too hard. Since the body’s reproductive system slows down as you age, many feel that getting pregnant after aimage24 certain age is out of the question. However, this may not always be the case and you should consider many factors before coming to that conclusion.

One of the main reasons that women who are older have trouble getting pregnant has to do with the way your body is designed to function as a female.

Women are born with over a million eggs; however, they begin losing these eggs very rapidly as they start to grow. In fact, by the time a female reaches puberty they only have 300,000 eggs left. Of these, only about 300 will ever enter into the ovulation process.

The number of eggs continues to decline the older you get. In addition, as you age the hormones that cause eggs to ovulate become less effective as well. This decline occurs no matter what your health is like, although those with poorer health or who smoke will decline at a faster rate.

With these changes in a woman’s body, it can become more difficult for a woman over 40 to become pregnant or at least it may take a longer period for them to do so.

Normal aging can lower a normal woman’s chances of becoming pregnant to less than 8% and it can increase the possibility that they will become infertile to 29%. In addition, many women who do become pregnant may have serious complications with the pregnancy. Some may even miscarry the child.

image23The good news is that getting pregnant after 40 is possible. In fact, many women have no trouble becoming pregnant at this age and give birth to a healthy child.

For some of us, a bit of help through one of the many types of procedures that are designed to increase your fertility rate, is often necessary. Natural fertility methods, such as Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle, have had great success helping older women conceive.

Whether or not a woman over 40 can get pregnant is dependent on many elements. While much has to do with your genetic make-up, your diet, the amount of exercise you get and your lifestyle can play a role as well.

For many women, changing to a healthy diet, eliminating smoking, increasing your physical exercise and limiting stress in your daily life can have a positive influence on your ability to have a baby.

In many cases, it just requires making some simple lifestyle changes, having a lot of patience and working just that bit harder to let nature do its work!